Who is Fernando Adoka?


Fernando Adoka was born in august, nineteen eightsix in São Paulo, Brazil. Son of Regina A Carvalho and José J. Carvalho, teachers, it has always been encouraged to learn more. Perhaps have been born at this point his vocation to teach.


His trajectory  started early , at four years old learned to read , even in public school. Later , egress of primary course at St. João Gualberto College , where he studied throughout elementary school, received third place in the Mathematics Olympics , promising his mother he would improve that, winning the following year second in Portuguese and also the first in mathematics , a feat that was repeated in the next two years, when the Olympics were extinct , giving way to the Olympics of science .


At eight years old, he wake up at five o’clock in the morning to cross the city to study at the traditional English language school Cultura Inglesa Sao Paulo, where he studied for nearly nine years .
In the fifth grade of elementary , alongside his colleagues , to devised a project for the science fair , which took the first place with the right to publish in the local newspaper . In the year two thousand and one graduated from the Federal Technical Center of São Paulo, in Computer Science. In two thousand and two joined their studies in one of the best schools in São Paulo, Campos Salles College, in the neighborhood of Lapa. In year two thousand and four entry at university  Oswaldo Cruz , winning a seat in one of the best classes that year, however, was in the course of his graduation his love for business spoke up , deciding to embark on a new career.


At eighteen he took his first step as an entrepreneur where did the inspiration for his book “10 Lessons Learned with the Hardest Business”. There were nearly ten years dedicated to managing a network of more difficult business country stores in this period. Member was of the Association of Lessors Video of Brazil and the Brazilian Video Union. Developed several social and environmental preservation campaigns like collecting aluminum cans , collecting food and clothing for the Homeless by heavy rains in the state of Santa Catarina, having won an award from the philanthropic institution Bethsaida by Incentive Collaborations .


Participated in several articles at Journal of Vídeo mag. Was graduated of Business Administration, from the University Nove de Julho. Specialized in Marketing and Information Technology, as an analyst and system developer, and most recently technical expertise in pedagogy by SENAI . It has several courses at Getúlio Vargas University, majoring in English by CNA schools and Wizard and also English for teachers from the University of São Paulo ( USP) .


Currently is owner of PROSERP, an engineering and technology company, and teaches information technology  and management lessons for industry professionals, technical courses and industrial training at SENAI -SP, as well as workshops and lectures in the areas of training and business and personal motivation writes about business, environment and social causes, in various periodicals throughout Brazil. Twists for a better country, built by entrepreneurship, where each citizen may be able to self – value, that has dignity and can enjoy a good life , achievement of their own work.